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Don't Replace Your Tiles, Restore Them!

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Professional Team
Beautiful Results
​Our team of professional staff strives to provide you the best service we possibly can, and we go above and beyond to exceed our customers expectations
Why replace your old ceiling tiles when you can restore them? The option is here! We restore old ceiling tiles to a beautiful state that lasts for years to come!
Acoustic Ceiling Solutions For:
- Banks
- Law Offices
- Retail Stores
- Schools
- Corporate Offices
- Hospitals

And much more!
Ceiling Solutions has become the New York,
Tri-State leader in acoustic ceiling restoration

    Acoustic Ceiling Restoration

Our spray-on finish renews old dirty ceilings. Since 1982 we have restored over
36 million sq. ft. of ceiling tile in the New York tri-state area. 

High Quality

Fresh Ceilings

High quality ceiling restoration with no mess, at a fraction of the replacement costs! our team arrives as your tea leaves for the night, so there is no disruption to your business. Upon arrival our trained professionals immediately "tape and drape" the entire room so only the ceiling, not your furniture, walls or carpeting gets coated. Once the coating process is completed the room is meticulously cleane. by morning, the only eveidence that we were there will be a bright new ceiling!

- Applied overnight – no disruption to operations & no mess

- 80% less than replacing tiles 
It's not paint!
Ceiling Solutions' Acoustic Coating is a bright white, non-bridging and non-toxic coating. This unique coating actually improves fire rating and supports Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)™ objectives. The coating is water-based and its consistency allows for complete and even coverage. Your ceilingtiles, grids and diffusers will look better than new.

- Improved brightness, fire rating & acoustic values

- Up to 70% quicker than replacing
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  1. I can honestly say Ceiling Solutions' team was incredibly efficient and some of the best guys I ever worked with. They were neat, clean and hardworking. Ceiling Solutions provides a great service, they were professional and our office looks terrific. I would recommend them to anybody.
    Ed Fay - The New York Daily News
  2. I love dealing with Ceiling Solutions. They are reliable, prompt, easy to work with and I've never had a problem. I recommend them to everyone.
    Craig Rosen - Vedder Price
  3. They have done numerous projects for us from Bio Labs to offices and all have come out terrific. They do great work, always pleasing. They protect everything meticulously and then transform the area, it's like night and day, I can't speak highly enough.
    Peter Woods - New York University
  4. They are an approved vendor and we have used them for years. We can always count on them to have the work done at night and the branch opened promptly the next morning with no interruption to our staff or customers.
    Phil Simonelli - Bank of New York
  5. Ceiling Solutions can save you 80% of the cost of replacement by restoring and recycling your existing ceilings. Transform old, dirty acoustic ceilings to "Like New" condition... OVERNIGHT!
    Jeff Kleinberg - Architect
  6. Everything Ceiling Solutions said they would do they did. In fact they did it better. To accommodate us, they worked the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. They said the job would be done in six days and it was completed in five. There was no mess, the application was done professionally, and because they work after hours, I never knew they were here. Now our topflight facility has a ceiling that looks better than new and our business wasn't hindered in anyway.
    Doug Giordano - General Manager
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Please contact us for more information and questions about how we can help restore your ceiling.

Don't Replace Your Tiles, Restore Them!
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